Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Treating Anterior Cruciate Ligament n Arthrithis

1. Cangkung rase sakit kat lutut
2. Rasa ngilu ngilu time tido or duduk diam
3. kalau critical ,gerak lutut skit sure rase sakit
1. Salmon Omega 3:Omega 3 ada anti inflamation effect, #supaya kawasan yg bengkak kat lutut boleh reda, #supaya kawasan yg membengkak tuh, takda lah bergesek(friction) dgn tulang and the surroundings, # supaya takda lah bertambah bengkak ,#so sure2 rase sakit akan kurang and keadaan lutut tuh tak bertambah damage

2. Glucosamine HCl:Glucasamine ni dia akan tambah synovial fluid(aka pelincir lutut) akibat time terjadinyer kemalangan ader kemungkinan fluid ter terkluar, n also dia akna repair ligement,tendon yg rosak tuh ,#So kalau repair sembuhlah ligement yg rosak tuh

know more about Glucosamine HCL

Health effects

Since glucosamine is a precursor for glycosaminoglycans, and glycosaminoglycans are a major component of joint cartilage, supplemental glucosamine may help to prevent cartilage degeneration and treat arthritis. Its use as a therapy for osteoarthritis appears safe, but there is conflicting evidence as to its effectiveness. A Cochrane 2005 meta-analysis of glucosamine for osteoarthritis found that only "Rotta" preparations (including older studies) found beneficial effects for pain and functional impairment.[11] It also found that when only the studies using the highest-quality design were considered, there was no effect above placebo.[12] In addition, in vitro analysis of glucosamine has revealed that glucosamine inhibits cartilage cell characteristics

also can check for comparison

3. Calcium Magnesium: CalMag boleh repair the bone yang sudah rosak ataupun sudah kasar akibat friction between the bone before this, so when the bone is smooth again kurang lah luka(aka bengkak) kat lutut tuh.

4.Protein(bagi keadaan yg critical seperti koyak dan dll):Protein repair cell, Al-Kisahnyer is that if u want to build a house, u have all the tools but no wood, mane boleh buat rumah.So in order to buat the rumah kene lah ada enough wood(wood aka Protein), #so kalau enough protein sembuh lah segala cell cell yg hancur time tuh

5.Daily or Double-x: in order for the nutrition to work as efficient as possible u need to have enough minerals n vitamins.

6.Get Enough Sleep: Cell repair happens during our sleep time , where we rest

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